Many interesting facts about Honduras are available online in the CIA World Factbook. There is also information about the country available at More detailed facts about the culture of Hondu... More » Geography Central America

The total installed generation capacity powering Honduras is 1,568 megawatts. A 2007 report by the World Bank indicates that the electricity sector of Honduras is poorly managed by the Empresa Nacional de Energ�a El�ctri... More » Business & Finance Industries

Some facts about El Salvador include that it's a country in Central America and about 8,124 square miles in area. It borders Guatemala, Honduras and the Pacific Ocean. It's a mountainous country with a tropical climate. More » Geography Central America
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Christopher Columbus explored Honduras in 1502, leading to Spanish colonization. Once inhabited by various aboriginal groups, Honduras declared independence from Spain in 1821 and alternated between liberal and authorita... More » Geography Central America

Honduras is in North America. It is one of the seven countries that make up Central America. The others are Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua. In ancient times it was home to the Mayan civilization... More » Geography Central America

Some of the major landforms found in Honduras include the large interior plateau of hills and mountains, the Pacific lowlands and the Caribbean Lowlands. The climate varies from temperate in the mountains to tropic in th... More » Geography Central America

Honduras is located in Central America, which is the most southern part of North America. The country shares a border with Guatemala on the western side, Nicaragua on the southeastern side and El Salvador on the southwes... More » Geography Central America