Some good Honda snow blowers are models HS724TA, HS928TA and HS1332TAS. As of June 2015, all earn close to five out of five star ratings online from Honda Power Equipment. More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Tools

Replacement parts for a Honda HS35 snow blower are available for order from authorized Honda parts websites, such as Shank's Honda Parts. Customers can also use sites like PartsTree that offer parts from multiple vendors... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Tools

Craftsman, Toro, Cub Cadet and Honda all make snow blowers in a variety of types, sizes and capacities. Most manufacturers have a complete line from small electric to large three-stage self-propelled gas models. Choosing... More » Business & Finance Corporations

To compare Cub Cadet snow blowers, select the desired models on the official Home Depot website or in the Snow Throwers section at the Cub Cadet website, and use the built-in comparison functionality in the product list.... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Tools

Some Ariens snow blowers are top picks for best snow removal, according to Consumer Reports, while other models have had recalls associated with them. The most recent 2014 recall affected the Ariens Compact Sno-Thro and ... More »

Toro recommends using unleaded, regular 87 octoane gasoline for all Toro products, including snow blowers. Toro approves up to 10 percent ethanol or 15 percent methyl tertiary butyl ether in the gasoline, but no more, as... More »

There are no commercially available, stand-alone riding snow blowers available as of August 2015. There are many attachments available to turn a riding lawn mower or tractor into a riding snow blower or snow plow, howeve... More »