articles and both offer listings for used Honda mopeds. Both sites offer searches for Honda mopeds by location, price range, year, mileage and other options. Used Honda mopeds available on Cy... More » Vehicles

Honda Elite scooters include the Elite 125, Honda's first four-stroke motor scooter, and the Elite 80 and Elite 150 and 250 four-stroke models, which Honda introduced in 1985. The Elite LX and Elite SR, Honda's last stre... More » Vehicles Car Makes & Models

Some 50cc class Honda moped models include the Honda P50, Honda PA50, Honda PC50, SFX50 and SH50. Models of 50cc class Honda scooters, which are sometimes incorrectly referred to as mopeds, include the Honda Jazz, Honda ... More » Vehicles
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Inexpensive used mopeds are available for sale at, and, as of 2015. Additional sources for inexpensive mopeds and scooters include and ScooterMadness... More » Vehicles

Kinds of moped that sell for under $200 as of 2015 include electric-powered, pedal-assisted, low-power gasoline (an engine less than 50cc) and pre-owned. The cost of a moped varies by make, design and condition, and pre-... More » Vehicles

Good Vespa 50cc scooters include the Primavera 50, Spring 50 and Vespa S, which retail between $3,399 and $3,699, as of 2016. Well-rated mass-market 50cc scooters from TaoTao range in price from $700 to $2,000 and for lo... More » Vehicles

The benefits of buying a new moped as opposed to a used one include getting a factory warranty with a new moped, not worrying about the history of the moped and availability of different models from the dealer. A new mop... More » Vehicles