Honda began manufacturing three-wheeled motorcycles and off-road vehicles in 1971, with its ATC-90. The powered tricycle had huge balloon tires and lacked suspension, which meant the vehicle bounced easily along off-road... More » Vehicles

Polaris makes the Polaris Slingshot, a three-wheeled motorcycle, in three different models. Although technically considered motorcycles, these vehicles are more commonly referred to as reverse trikes. More » Vehicles

Suzuki three-wheeled motorcycles are most likely to be found at used motorcycle dealers or through private sellers. Suzuki does not produce a three-wheeled motorcycle as of 2015, so the majority of such vehicles on the m... More »

Honda produces a number of motorcycle models for street and off-road use, including touring motorcycles, cruisers, dual-purpose sports bikes and supersport motorcycles. Notable models include the CBR1000RR supersport mot... More » Vehicles

Three-wheeler motorcycles have either a single wheel in front and two in the back, or two in front and one in the back; they operate with motors, as do cars and motorcycles, and have rear axles that resemble those in car... More » Vehicles

Unlike other three-wheeled motorcycles, the Stallion is able to give riders the style of a motorized tricycle without removing its comfort in regards to usability, utilizing a steering wheel, air conditioning system and ... More » Vehicles

As of July 2015, Honda's only three-wheeled scooter is the Gyro cargo scooter. Patent filings in January of 2015 indicate that Honda is developing a leaning three-wheeled motorcycle in the style of scooters made by sever... More » Vehicles