As of August 2014, homesteading laws refer to exemptions to bankruptcies, and each state varies homesteading exemptions for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection, according to NOLO. A homestead exemption may all... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

No true homesteading grants exist in the modern United States. The Homestead Act of 1862 was repealed in 1976 by the Federal Land Policy and Management Act. The federal government offers a homestead exemption of up to $2... More » Business & Finance Industries Agriculture

According to the Crowder Law Center, there are several states that have homestead laws that provide a measure of legal protection from creditors trying to seize a home over unpaid debts. In states with homestead laws, ho... More » Business & Finance Financial Planning
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Depending on the cost, home staging may be beneficial because there is a higher likelihood of a sale, reduced time on the market and a potentially higher selling price, state NOLO and Home Buying Institute. Home sellers ... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Although laws vary by state, in most cases, landlords are required to provide property that is habitable and includes operating heating, plumbing and electrical systems, according to Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma. Landl... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

While the laws regarding the three-day notice differ by state, in Florida, a property owner can deliver the notice if the rent is one day late. The owner has the option of hand delivering the notice or sending it by regu... More » Business & Finance Real Estate

Specific eviction laws vary by state. In general, the process of eviction can take anywhere from five weeks to three months after the notice period ends. If the tenant is fighting the eviction legally, it can often take ... More » Business & Finance Real Estate