and both have homemade waffle recipes. Recipes on come from site users and have ratings by other users. Cookbooks may also have homemade waffle recipes. More »

A person can find great homemade waffle recipes on the Martha Stewart and Woman's Day websites. One recipe on Woman's Day proposes ingredients like all-purpose flour, baking powder, kosher salt, eggs, whole milk and unsa... More » Food Cooking

A positively received copycat recipe for Waffle House waffles was developed by Todd Wilbur. You can prepare the recipe in under 25 minutes, and it can feed up to six people. More » Food Cooking

Easy waffle batter recipes are available on, and Recipes generally take 10 to 35 minutes to make, and require waffle irons to mold the batter. More » Food Cooking

Cake mix waffles and waffle grilled cheese are waffle iron recipes that are easy to make. A Belgian waffle recipe is also simple to prepare. More » Food Cooking

Good Belgian waffle recipes include authentic, buttermilk, chocolate and gluten-free Belgian waffles. To cook the waffles after making a batch of batter, follow the manufacturer instructions of your waffle maker. More » Food Cooking

People use waffle makers for making a variety of items besides just waffles, including pizza, falafel, grilled cheese sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies and more. Waffle makers serve as versatile machines for crafting a ... More » Food Cooking