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Skunk are omnivorous animals, that comes in search of food to yard. They may invade in our home and create foul odour. This animal can cause diseases like rabies, so we have to get rid of them. There are many effective skunk repellents available in market. We can use efficient methods to repel this animal […]


Step 3 - Choosing a Repellent. Choosing which repellent is best for you depends on your situation and several factors. Keep in mind that each of the homemade skunk repellents listed here can be used together or on their own. Also, if you have located the skunk den, your choices are greater than if you haven't found it.


How to Create a Natural Skunk Repellent. by HowStuffWorks.com Contributors Next . Skunks are pests that eat grubs, insects, small rodents and carrion as well as fruits and vegetables [source: Toronto Animal Services]. The best way of repelling skunks is to discourage them from visiting in the first place.


Although skunks are generally docile, they are occasionally a nuisance to homeowners. Skunks invade crawl spaces, damage gardens and kill poultry. A rabid skunk can bite humans and infect them with the rabies virus, which is fatal if not immediately treated. You can keep skunks away from your property using homemade skunk repellents.


By using these commercial and homemade skunk repellent options, you are sure to find yourself worry free. If you found these DIY skunk repellent tips and tricks helpful, then please share this article about homemade skunk repellent tips with your friends on Pinterest and Facebook!


Many home remedies call for mothballs or ammonia as a means to repel skunks. While skunks do have a sensitive sense of smell, these methods are not very effective. In addition, ammonia may be washed away by rain and must be reapplied frequently. If you choose to use ammonia to turn away a skunk, your best choice is the aforementioned predator ...


Skunk Repellents. Anyone in the pest control industry will tell you that the efficacy of so-called “skunk repellent” sprays and yard treatments is overstated. Skunks are animals that must find food or starve and they’re not going to walk away from a meal because of an unpleasant odor. They’ll simply walk past it or suffer it.


Expel is an excellent skunk repellent derived from biodegradable ingredients that immediately irritates skunk’s senses of smell, touch, and taste. How it works: This ready-to-use spray sends skunks running, and after a couple of unwelcome visits, skunks associate with your property and learn to stay away.


If that didn’t take effective, it’s high time to turn to a ready-to-use skunk repellent или deterrent which won’t take long to deal with such unwanted guests as skunks. There are two types of repellents, namely the electronic deterrents (repellers) and natural skunk repellents, and we’ll focus on both sorts.


Cultivate your own or raid your pantry, and you’ll be well on your way to making any of these proven repellents. 1. Wet Repellent. Fill a pot with 1 1/2 quarts of water, and bring it to a boil over the stove before adding 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper, two chopped onions, and a single chopped jalapeño.