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Mega-Catch provides the best mosquito traps, according to Mosquito World. Mega-Catch traps not only have the ability to capture and kill a large number of mosquitoes, they are also easy to maintain and are relatively inexpensive to operate.


Make a mosquito killer at home by cutting a 2-liter bottle in half, mixing brown sugar with hot water and adding yeast in the bottom portion of the bottle. Then place the top portion of the bottle upside down into the lower portion, and tape the two pieces together. To conceal the bottle's contents,


Covering the bottle with dark cloth increases the effectiveness of the trap. Mosquitoes are attracted to the mixture of brown sugar and yeast and to the carbon dioxide created when the sugar ferments. Check the trap after two weeks, clean out the dead mosquitoes and replace the fermented sugar mixtu


Mixing essential oils and liquid Castile soap makes a powerful homemade repellent for mosquitoes and other insects. Many of the products available for sale in retail outlets incorporate DEET, a chemical that can be harmful to the environment. Using a homemade alternative is safer for the wearer and


Make homemade mosquito repellent by mixing an essential oil with a carrier oil or alcohol. Cinnamon oil, castor oil, eucalyptus oil and citronella oil are essential oils that repel mosquitoes.


Fresh lemon, aloe vera, honey, tea tree oil and toothpaste are some home remedies for mosquito bites, according to Women's Health. Calamine lotion, hydrocortisone cream and ice can also be effective to ease itchiness, swelling and skin rashes, according to Mayo Clinic.


A 50-50 solution of white vinegar and water is an effective natural ant killer. Chalk and talcum powder prevent ants from entering a home. Citrus peels, cucumber peels, spices and coffee grounds are also used to eliminate ant populations.


Prepare homemade bug killer for the garden with garlic, onion, ground cayenne pepper and dish soap in a water base. For use on people, a mixture of water and dish soap or mild detergent helps to keep bugs at bay. Use bug killers and repellents regularly to keep the bugs away.


Make a homemade flea killer by placing water mixed with sudsy dish detergent in a white tray and shining a dim light on it at night, advises The Daily Puppy. The warmth of the light attracts fleas, which end up in the water and drown.


The effectiveness of homemade mosquito repellents varies depending on the specific ingredients used, but many are fairly effective for a short time. They may lose effectiveness more quickly or wash off more easily than commercial sprays.