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Apple cider vinegar and lemons are good ingredients for a homemade flea repellent. Make a solution with equal parts apple cider vinegar and water, or create a mixture by boiling sliced lemons and water. Then, fill a spray bottle with the homemade solution.


To make a homemade flea repellent, use a combination of vinegar or lemon and water or a mixture of essential oils such as lavender, neem, eucalyptus and lemon in water. Pour the liquid in a spray bottle and spray it onto the pet.


To make a homemade dog repellent, HowStuffWorks recommends using either citrus, vinegar, cayenne pepper or ammonia to keep dogs out of the garden. Although the citrus and pepper are safe for use in the garden, gardeners must take special precautions when using vinegar and ammonia in flowerbeds.


Substances that repel fleas include lavender, lemon balm, catnip, citronella and peppermint. Growing these plants near windows and doors or keeping them as houseplants repels fleas, mosquitoes and other biting insects. Essential oils from these plants are also effective insect repellents.


You can use basic household items and equipment to make effective animal repellents that will keep cats and dogs from unwanted areas or activities. These repellents keep unwanted animals away without harming them. Avoid unwanted messes, animal fights and diseases with these homemade remedies.


Eucalyptus, citrus fruits such as oranges or limes, and Borax can be used to deter fleas. Vinegar can also repel fleas when added to a pet's drinking water.


3M Ultrathon Insect Repellent is a popular and effective product designed to protect humans from mosquitoes, ticks and other insects, including fleas. 3M initially created the product in the 1980s after the U.S. military asked the company to develop better insect protection.


One of the many natural methods for humans to repel fleas is to include more garlic in the diet. Because fleas dislike garlic's taste, eating it repels them because it is present in human blood when they try to bite.


There are many options available for making a homemade fly repellent for dogs. The simplest recipe contains just two ingredients: apple cider vinegar and water. This repellent works both when applied topically or when ingested by the dog. You may also choose a non-toxic mix of essential oils. You ne


Homemade animal repellents can be made using garlic, herbs or peppers. Human hair, dish soap and bar soap are other effective homemade repellents to ward off animals.