To make a homemade brown sugar scrub, mix two parts brown sugar with one part oil with a spoon until fully incorporated, instructs If you want the scrub to smell good, you can also add in a few drops of any es... More »

Recipes for homemade body scrubs include peppermint sugar scrub bars from Happy Mothering, the lemon and thyme salt scrub from Food + Words, and the simple sugar scrub from Wellness Mama. Most homemade body scrub recipes... More »

Make a simple homemade sugar scrub with essential oils, a 1/2 cup of brown or white organic sugar and a 1/2 cup of olive or coconut oil. Combine the ingredients and store the mixture in an air-tight jar. Variations of th... More »

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Make your own body soap at home for much less than at the store. Dove body bars can be melted down and mixed with water to create Dove body wash for much less. Be sure to get Dove body bars, water, a good pan, a cheese g... More »

Medical personnel use Hibiclens antibacterial scrub to clean wounds and disinfect the skin before surgery. Another use of Hibiclens is as a sanitizing hand scrub. More »

Brown sugar does not spoil because it does not promote the growth of microbes; however, brown sugar that dries out becomes too hard to use for cooking and baking. Brown sugar consists of granulated sugar and molasses. More »

A good recipe for brown sugar frosting from King Arthur Flour mixes brown sugar with butter, milk, vanilla extract and confectioners' sugar. Another well-regarded recipe for brown sugar frosting is available from Epicuri... More »