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The Master Flow 1 250 CFM Galvanized Steel The Master Flow 1 250 CFM Galvanized Steel Power Weathered-Wood Matte Roof-Mount Vent has a built-in humidistat/thermostat to help maximize its efficiency. Made of durable galvanized steel for corrosion resistance this powered vent is designed to reduce your energy consumption and promote your comfort by moving hot and humid air ...


Theory behind venting Ice dams form when a home’s escaping heat warms the roof sheathing and melts the underside of the snow layer on the roof. The intent of roof venting varies depending on climate, but it is the same if you’re venting the entire attic or if you’re venting only the roof deck.


Mark the roof venting locations from the attic, where you can see the rafters and avoid placing roofing vents over them. Place all the roof vents on the same side of the roof. If your roof peak runs parallel to the street, put them on the backside, where they’ll be less prominent.


About 90 percent of homes in the US have unreasonably high levels of moisture. Understanding whether your home could benefit from some form of attic ventilation might just be, if not a life-saver, a roof-saver. Here are some of the myths and the facts you need to know about attic ventilation. 1. More Attic Ventilation is Good


New California Attic Ventilation Codes: California recently passed new Attic Ventilation Codes for resisting the intrusion of flames and embers into the home. This new law requires application to the new code requirements only if the rafters are exposed at the time of re-roofing.


So much information has been devoted to the subject of roof venting that it's easy to become confused and to lose focus. So I'll start by saying something that might sound controversial, but really isn't: A vented attic, where insulation is placed on an air-sealed attic floor, is one of the most underappreciated building assemblies that we have in the history of building science.


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Active Ventilation Products Inc., (AVP) manufactures affordable mobile home roof vents and more to the, HUD, FEMA & Modular Industry dating back to 1997. Our focus back in 1997 was ventilating mobile homes with roof vents and whole house fans. That was done for a handful of independent manufacturers.


Ridge Vent: A ridge vent is a ventilation strip that is placed along the ridge line of the home. Prior to installing the ridge vent, a 1 inch wide strip of roof decking is cut out along both sides of the ridge line to allow for air movement through the vent.