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Keep snakes away naturally by removing their food and water sources, eliminating their potential dwelling spots and maintaining a yard that's inhospitable to them. Clean up clutter, and cut the grass, as snakes prefer cool, dark places, such as wood piles, compost piles and leaf piles, to sleep in.


A snake's home is called a nest or a burrow depending on the particular type of snake. A nest represents the home of a snake that lives alone. A den is a home for snakes that live communally.


Keeping a yard free of clutter, mowing the lawn and keeping the hedges tidy and trimmed are all good ways to keep snakes away from a property. Checking structures for holes and removing tempting prey may also help to keep snakes off of a property.


Mongoose urine and kingsnake musk can be used to keep snakes away; they are available to licensed professional snake removers. Other commercial snake repellents available to consumers and home remedies, such as moth balls, don't work, because snakes don't use smells to sense danger.


Removing sources of food and shelter that snakes seek out is the most certain way to keep them away from a home. Snakes can also be kept out with a perimeter snake fence. Chemical snake repellents are available, but they may contain toxins that can harm pets, other wildlife or even humans if they ge


Effective measures that discourage snakes from entering a house or yard include trimming tall grasses, plugging foundation cracks and sealing other exterior gaps. Cutting grasses and other tall plants deprives snakes of their favorite hiding spots. Snakes are also attracted to the small rodents that


To keep snakes away from your home, perform basic landscape maintenance, such as clearing clutter and trimming the grass and shrubs. If snakes are coming inside, repair any gaps or cracks in the foundation of your house. Remove possible snake food sources from in and near the house.


The primary options for removing worms in dogs is with a vet-prescribed de-wormer or one of the natural de-worming medicines on the market. Cloves are a common ingredient in natural remedies, but other ingredients are unlikely to be found in the average kitchen. The best home remedy for worms in dog


An effective home remedy for a small boil is putting a damp, warm washcloth on the boil several times a day, according to Mayo Clinic. This helps the boil burst and drain, typically within 10 days, says WebMD.


Using lemon juice, cinnamon or a solution of borax and sugar in water is recommended as a home remedy for ant control, according to the Mother Nature Network. Natural pest control methods to cope with the intruding ants are the best option.