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The Mayo Clinic provides a list of several remedies to combat itchy skin, including using a high-quality moisturizing lotion daily, applying anti-itch cream to the affected area, taking lukewarm baths and showers, adding baking soda or oatmeal to baths, using mild, fragrance-free soaps and laundry d


There are multiple home remedies that help soothe dry, itchy skin from a variety of irritants, according to WebMD. These remedies include wearing gloves, applying natural moisturizers, and keeping floors and bedding clean.


Oatmeal and cool baths help dogs with dry itchy skin. Apple cider vinegar, olive oil in the dog's food and a lemon rinse also help relieve dry itchy skin on dogs.


Home remedies that may help soothe an itchy scalp include moisturizing treatments, cold packs or showers, and scale softeners. Keeping the skin moisturized is extremely important because it helps to heal the skin as it soothes, according to the National Psoriasis Foundation.


Some common home treatments for an itchy scalp are shampoos for itchy scalps, reducing stress and maintaining personal hygiene, says Prime Health Channel. However, the treatment for itchy scalp varies based on the cause, notes How Stuff Works. More serious causes of an itchy scalp require medical tr


Although each person's skin reacts differently to treatment for dry, itchy skin, some of the most effective remedies include applying petroleum jelly, moisturizer or hydrating hand sanitizer to the affected area, according to WebMD. An oatmeal bath may also help relieve itching and moisturize the sk


A treatment for dry, itchy eyelids is the application of creams and gels that are specifically designed for use on the eyelids. Another good treatment is to gently wash the eyelids with baby shampoo, and wash the eyelids clean. A dermatologist can provide recommendations on other treatments.


Antibiotic ointment, such as neosporin, may be used to sooth itchy ears caused by mild skin infections, reports Healthline. Baby oil may be used to soften or soothe dry skin around the ears, while topical hydrocortisone cream can relieve inflammation of the outer ear.


One home remedy for dandruff is mixing crushed aspirin with regular shampoo. Aspirin can help alleviate dandruff because it contains salicylic acid, which is also used in medicated dandruff shampoos.


Effective home remedies for a runny nose or a cold include bulking up on vitamin C and zinc to shorten the life of a cold and applying nasal strips to enlarge the nasal passages and open up the airways, according to WebMD. A saltwater nasal rinse is also recommended.