A deductible is an annual amount a person pays on an event covered by insurance before benefits kick-in. Home, auto and health insurance products all commonly have deductibles. In general, a higher deductible reduces pre... More » Business & Finance Insurance

An insurance deductible is the amount a covered person pays on covered events before insurance benefit payments kick in, according to If a person has a $250 deductible on hospital services, that person pa... More » Business & Finance Insurance

A health insurance deductible is the amount a patient pays for healthcare before the insurance plan begins to pay. The deductible may not apply to all services, and each healthcare plan is different. More » Business & Finance Insurance Health Insurance
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In the event that a person passes on and the life insurance policy goes missing, there are several ways to look for the policy, which include searching through the documents and personal belongings of the deceased, check... More » Business & Finance Insurance

Benefits of owning wind and hail insurance include receiving money for home exterior and interior reconstruction, roof repairs and possession reimbursement in the event of wind and hail, claims Ameriprise. Some auto poli... More » Business & Finance Insurance

Private mortgage insurance is a policy purchased by home buyers in order to protect lenders in the event that the buyer defaults on the mortgage loan. Lenders typically require PMI whenever the down payment on the home i... More » Business & Finance Insurance

Insurance is essentially a group-oriented risk management strategy: insurance companies cover individuals and families in the event of losses and accidents by pooling money received by people with similar risks, which al... More » Business & Finance Insurance