The best home remedy to remove ear wax is to soften the wax, rinse the ear canal with warm water and then dry the ear canal, according to Mayo Clinic. This should only be done on people without tubes or holes in the eard... More »

Hardened ear wax may be softened with the use of an over-the-counter wax removal aid and gently flushed out with a small bulb syringe, as stated by WebMD. See a doctor before attempting at-home removal of uncomfortable, ... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Removal

A common and effective way to remove ear wax at home is by using hydrogen peroxide and mineral oil as softening agents, according to Everyday Health. If the ear is in pain or discharging a substance that isn't ear wax, o... More »

To remove impacted earwax, soften the wax with a solution, rinse the canal with warm water after several days, and dry the ear canal, as instructed by Mayo Clinic. Never attempt to dig out excess earwax, which can push t... More »

Ear candling is a procedure where a lit, cone-shaped, hollow candle is placed into the ear canal in an effort to remove excess ear wax, explains Mayo Clinic. Heat produced from the flame of the candle reportedly creates ... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

Ear wax can be removed at home by using over-the-counter ear drops such as Murine or Debrox or by gently rinsing the ear canal with body temperature water. If certain symptoms of ear wax impaction occur, it is best to se... More » Beauty & Fashion Hygiene

Some good home remedies for removing ear wax include softening the ear wax with mineral oil, glycerine or hydrogen peroxide, and irrigating with warm water, states Mayo Clinic. In addition, WebMD states that over-the-cou... More »