As of August 2014, the approximate cost for home day care per day is $25 to $30 per child. The average cost per child per week is $140 to $285, depending on location. These costs vary if the child is an infant, toddler i... More »

Be prepared to do your homework before you chose a day care facility. Talk to other parents to find out where they send their children. Most neighborhoods have a few options that are well known. Also, research the teache... More » Family Parenting Child Care

A day care licence is obtained from the Department of Social Services of the state in which the license holder wishes to practice child care. While many of the requirements are the same for each state, there are some var... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations

The licensing requirements for a home day care vary among state, according to Child Care Aware, and the best way to determine what qualifications must be met to become licensed for child care in a private home is to chec... More »

According to Rocket Lawyer, a day care contract should be created specifically to address the expectations and requirements of the parents and the day care provider while taking local child care laws into consideration. ... More » Family Parenting Child Care

Picking the right day care facility for a child involves several factors, such as type and quality of services, location, fees and safety. There are many day care centers out there, so choosing one that best meets the pa... More » Family Parenting Child Care

Child Care Aware offers free sample worksheets designed to help child care providers, such as day care centers, plan budgets. Worksheets offered on the site focus on cash flow projections, funding sources, start-up budge... More »