As of August 2014, the approximate cost for home day care per day is $25 to $30 per child. The average cost per child per week is $140 to $285, depending on location. These costs vary if the child is an infant, toddler i... More »

When calculating the cost of child care, there are a number of variables to consider. These variables include location, type of child care wanted, the child's age, and the amount of hours needed per week. More » Family Parenting Child Care

The purpose of day care nurseries is to offer various services to toddlers and children whose parents are occupied during the day. The services provided include education, play, meals, rest, discipline and care. Children... More »

The licensing requirements for a home day care vary among state, according to Child Care Aware, and the best way to determine what qualifications must be met to become licensed for child care in a private home is to chec... More »

Part-time day care is child care only provided for part of the typical working day. Many families prefer part-time day care for their children because a parent is available for child care or the children are in school du... More » Family Parenting Child Care

Child Care Aware offers free sample worksheets designed to help child care providers, such as day care centers, plan budgets. Worksheets offered on the site focus on cash flow projections, funding sources, start-up budge... More »

Parents will be asked to fill out a packet of forms when enrolling their child at a day care facility. These forms require parent contact information, emergency contacts, medical information and acknowledgments of certai... More » Family Parenting Child Care