To connect a TV to an audio receiver, place the receiver close to the TV, determine which audio input and output connection ports the devices support, and use a cable with appropriate plugs to connect them. This should d... More » Technology Television & Video

A Bluetooth receiver is a piece of machinery designed specifically for picking up a 2.4 GHz signal from compatible Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth is a proprietary wireless standard that is, as of 2015, often used by comput... More » Technology

Factors to consider when looking over AV receiver deals include price, user interface, ease of calibration, wireless streaming, power usage, and input and output options. An AV receiver functions best as the centerpiece ... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Electrical
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The advantages of a Strong PrimaSat II digital free-to-air satellite receiver include a memory capacity of 4,000 channels for 64 satellites, pre-programmed Astra channels, digital sound through coaxial output and an elec... More » Technology Television & Video

The first step in setting up a satellite dish is switching off the receiver and using a cable to connect it to the dish. Next, mount the fixing bracket at a suitable position on a wall, ensuring they're both vertically a... More » Technology Television & Video

Locate a suitable spot for the satellite dish, assemble and mount the dish, acquire the satellite signal, run the cable into the house and install and configure the satellite receiver. The procedure is very similar for a... More » Technology Television & Video

To hook up a surround sound system to a television, run an audio cable from the output connection on the television to an input connection on the sound system amplifier. Many televisions have RCA audio output connections... More » Technology Television & Video