To connect a TV to an audio receiver, place the receiver close to the TV, determine which audio input and output connection ports the devices support, and use a cable with appropriate plugs to connect them. This should d... More »

A Bluetooth receiver is a piece of machinery designed specifically for picking up a 2.4 GHz signal from compatible Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth is a proprietary wireless standard that is, as of 2015, often used by comput... More »

Factors to consider when looking over AV receiver deals include price, user interface, ease of calibration, wireless streaming, power usage, and input and output options. An AV receiver functions best as the centerpiece ... More »

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An HDMI cable creates a connection between devices that allows users to experience full HD, 1080p video and high-quality audio. This cable connects Blu-ray players, video game consoles, DVD players and other HD electroni... More »

The advantages of a Strong PrimaSat II digital free-to-air satellite receiver include a memory capacity of 4,000 channels for 64 satellites, pre-programmed Astra channels, digital sound through coaxial output and an elec... More »

There are generally three options to hear audio from a cable box on a home theatre system. They are HDMI, optical audio and RCA audio. More »

Connect an iPod touch to the television with an Apple Composite AV cable to play audio and video through the television. Using the television remote control or manual controls, select the appropriate input port. Use the ... More »