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SCRIPTURES RELATING GOD AND THE HOLY SPIRIT. A. There are some Scriptures in the Old Testament that refer to God. In the New Testament the same Scriptures are ...


This lesson begins a series of studies on the Holy Spirit. ... Finally, the need to study what the Bible teaches concerning the Spirit is seen when we.


... the Holy Spirit is the attempt to study and understand His work without first of all ... the Holy Spirit,” but if we think of Him in the Biblical way as.


Preparation for study. 11. 1 Pentecost and the Old Testament. 13. 2 The book of Acts. 21. 3 The Gospels. 31. 4 Paul and the Holy Spirit in the Church.


So we can be sure that He had to study to know the Scriptures. Christ's familiarity with the Bible, therefore, was an important element in His being “filled.


"Let the Sabbath school esson be learned, not by a hasty glance at the lesson scripture on Sabbath morning, but by careful study for the next week on Sabbath.


My purpose in this lesson is to allow the Scriptures to speak for themselves concerning this wonderful truth, which will show us the reality of how this.


(4) Keep in mind: It is not what the Holy Spirit CAN do, but what He CHOOSES to do - and the only way to determine that is in a study of the Bible!


Bible Study #3. Power of the Holy Spirit. BEGIN MEMORIZING ACTS 1:8. “But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be My.


The purpose of this study is to show by Scripture that the. Father, Son, & Holy Spirit are three separate and distinct living personal beings or individuals ...


is one question you have about the Holy Spirit you would like answered through this bible study series? STUDY THE PASSAGE: John 14:15-27. The Gospel of John.