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Holistic medicine schools come in all sizes. Some have one or two natural health programs while others offer a wide range of degrees and certificates.


Some offer a Bachelor of Science degree in Holistic Nutrition, Natural Health or Natural Health Studies. Master's degrees are also available, and you can even ...


2021 Best Colleges with Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health Degrees in AmericaAbout this List.


The bachelor of science degree in Holistic Health offers students interested in a science-based undergraduate degree an opportunity to learn from experts in ...


Accredited online holistic health degrees and certificates. Info about programs including aromatherapy, holistic nutrition, herbal medicine and spa management.


Top Online Military Friendly holistic health college degrees. Online DEAC accredited, aromatherapy, holistic nutrition, Spa Management, herbal medicine ...


There are degrees at both the undergraduate and graduate level that can help a person pursue a career in the fields of holistic or alternative medicine.


Degree Programs: Bachelor of Science in Holistic Health; Master in Natural Medicine; Doctorate in Alternative Medicine; PhD in Integrative Medicine ...


If you study holistic health, you'll focus on the connections between physical, mental, spiritual, social, and environmental well-being, and you'll learn about ...


Bachelor's degree programs in holistic health and related topics educate students about a broad range of healing practices, as well as the historical, social and ...