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The health benefits of ham depend on its type. Lean deli ham is low in fat but it is high in sodium, while cured ham steaks are sources for calcium and potassium but also saturated fats. Most hams contain nitrates, which have been linked to cancer.


Dogs should not be given ham to eat. It is high in fat and sodium, both of which can make dogs sick or even kill them.


Ham radio is a radio broadcast by licensed, amateur radio operators, called hams. Ham radio operators must pass an Federal Communications Commission examination in order to be able to broadcast on radio frequencies that are reserved for amateur operators.


Ham may be frozen from 1 to 6 months, depending on the type of ham. Uncooked ham usually freezes better than the cooked varieties.


A turkey ham is a cut of meat that is made from the turkey thigh. This cut of meat is available in a variety of sizes.


Ham in large portions can cause sickness in some dogs. A small amount should not cause any long-term complications.


Beef ham is a type of meat that is created by using high quality cuts of beef. Beef ham is shaped like a traditional ham, but healthier than pork.


The smoked ham recipe from Gina and Patrick Neely receives many positive reviews from visitors on FoodNetwork.com. A sweet holiday glaze placed over the top of the finished ham makes a nice addition.


There is no ham in turkey ham. Turkey ham is processed turkey meat that is shaped to look like a ham and used as a substitute for ham.


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says that bones, including large ham bones and beef bones, are never safe for dogs. People need to discard bones in a way that makes it difficult for dogs to retrieve them, and dogs must never receive bones as treats or toys.