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Hole in the head disease is a fairly common disease of freshwater fish that primarily affects cichlids, discus, and oscars. Another common name for this disease is Freshwater Head and Lateral Line Erosion (FHLLE). There are several suspected causes of this disease, and while it can be fatal, if treated early, most fish can survive.


Hexamitiasis is a parasitic disease that can affect both freshwater and saltwater fish. In some cases, lesions appear on the head and flanks of the fish, hence its alternative name: hole in the head disease. Hexamita infections may also be responsible for head and lateral line erosion (HLLE) disease in fish. Identification


Hole in the Head disease (HITH) Description. Hole in the head (HITH) also known as lateral line erosion is a disease that is most commonly associated with cichlids, but can affect all kinds of fish. It effects the head area and along the lateral line causing erosion to the surface which can deteriorate and have horrific results, usually ...


Hole in the Head Disease. Hole in the Head Disease is probably the most feared disease amongst people who keep Oscar fish. Hole in the Head Disease is not always fatal if caught early and treated. However, it can often leave terrible scarring on the fishes head which may be permanent after the disease has healed. Diagnosis


Head and lateral line erosion, (HLLE) or hole-in-the-head (HITH) is a disease in fish.Chronic ulcerative dermatopathy or chronic erosive dermatopathy are symptoms of similar conditions with different etiology.


Symptoms of hole in the head disease. Being a progressive disease, the symptoms differ according to the severity of the condition. Besides the small lesions that appear on the head and lateral lines, the following symptoms occur as the disease progresses [3, 11]. The lesions getting bigger and hollow, also spreading to the mouth, gills and the region around the eyes [3, 11].


Hole in the Head Disease in Discus and Tropical Fish. Hole in the Head (HITH) in fish, also known as Head and Lateral Line Erosion (HLLE), is a very common aquarium and tropical fish disease that affects most Cichlids such as Symphysodon Discus, Oscars, and etc. Saltwater fish are also susceptible to head and lateral line erosion disease.


Hole in the Head is a disease of Tropical Fish which starts with smalls sore on the head above the eyes. These sore grow and eventually penetrate through the outer layer of skin. Hole in the Head is most often seen in large Cichlids or other large fish. ...


We conduct a detailed examination 4 oscars with extreme cases of whats called Hole in the head (HITH) or Head and lateral line erosion (HLLE), we examine faeces samples, gill biopsy, test water ...


An infected fish usually develops pale, eroding holes over the head which can then proceed to move either side of the body. These patches of degradation enlarge, making the fish look as if it is being eaten alive by some unseen bug. At this stage the fish is in real trouble.