The tools used for performing a Pap smear include a speculum, a plastic spatula and a small brush, according to WebMD. The sample cells are placed into a solution before being sent to the lab for testing. More »

The Medical Center of the University of Rochester explains that a speculum, cervical brush and a glass slide are used during a pap smear along with a preserving solution. The metal or plastic speculum is inserted into th... More »

According to MedicineNet, vaginal bleeding occurs after a tiny brush used during a Pap smear scratches the cervix's fragile lining. The scratching and subsequent bleeding are no cause for worry. This sort of bleeding req... More »

It can take up to three weeks for a provider to receive the results of a Pap test back from the lab, according to WebMD. Normal results indicate that there is no need for further testing, while abnormal results require f... More »

Endometrial cells are sometimes collected in a Pap test, according to the University of Chicago Medicine. Endometrial cells are found in the lining of the uterus. A Pap test is used to collect cells from the cervix and t... More » Health Women's Health

A variety of cells found in a pap smear can be atypical, including cancerous and precancerous cells as well as cells that indicate a virus linked to cancer is present, explains Mayo Clinic. Usually doctors perform furthe... More » Health Women's Health

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