A Cleveland Brown is a professional American football player who plays football for the team based in the city of Cleveland, Ohio. The team is named after football legend Paul Brown. More »

The Cleveland Browns have two mascots: a dog character named Chomps and a real dog named Swagger. The costume character is a Labrador Retriever who comes from Cleveland's famed "Dawg Pound" fan section. More »

The Cleveland Public Library opened in 1869 as a public school library. The library occupied temporary and rented spaces until the Main Library located to a new building in 1925. The circulation at the library reached a ... More »

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In the National Football League, a waived player is one who has been cut from his team but has fewer than four years of service in the league. Players who have served for more than four years are also waived if they are ... More »

In American football, a "bye" is when a team does not have a game during a given week in the course of the regular season. The NFL uses byes to extend the regular season to 17 weeks. Bye weeks typically occur between the... More »