According to Cornell University Law School, tort law is a violation of civil law for which an offender could have to pay damages. Tort law rests on injury or harm caused by an act that provides grounds for a lawsuit. More » Government & Politics Law

Some examples of tort law case summaries include Riss v. City of New York, Bird v. Jones and Gulf Refining Co. v. Williams, published by and Lawnix. Tort law involves civil cases stemming from a brea... More » Government & Politics Law

While tort law aims to compensate a victim, criminal law aims to punish a criminal. In addition, while individuals or organizations pursue tort cases, it is usually the government that pursues criminal cases. There are a... More » Government & Politics Law
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Civil liability is the potential for responsibility of payment to an aggrieved party due to the violation of a civil law, tort, or breach of contract. Civil liability differs from criminal liability in that violations of... More » Government & Politics Law

The judge determines the sentence for a probation violation by considering several points, including the manner and nature of the violation and whether the offender was a first-time or repeat offender, explains Find Law.... More » Government & Politics Law

A Child Protective Services investigation involves interviewing the child victim of abuse or neglect, performing a criminal background check on the alleged offender, and informing law enforcement about abuse and neglect ... More » Government & Politics Law

Missing a court date is a violation of the law and can result in a bench warrant for arrest, fines and the loss of driving privileges, according to the Legal Aid Society and Superior Court of California. Making prompt co... More » Government & Politics Law