Erasing the background history of a hard drive is possible. This can be done effectively by using specific software that would overwrite the previous files. More » Technology Digital Storage

Some free hard drive cleanup programs include CCleaner, CleanUp!, PC Decrapifier and Empty Temp Folders. These programs can all help people remove unwanted files from their hard drives and free up space. More » Technology Computers & Hardware Computer Help

Maxtor does not offer hard driver repair advice online. redirects to Seagate's website,, which does not offer hard drive repair advice for Maxtor products. Maxtor is a brand of hard disk drives tha... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Computer Help
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To clone a hard drive to another hard drive, launch backup or other disk-imaging software, and select the hard drive to clone and the hard drive to clone it to. When cloning is complete, you should have an exact duplicat... More » Technology Digital Storage

To clone your hard drive, you need a program or utility that can transfer your data and a place to put all of the data. This process can take several minutes or several hours, depending on the amount of data being moved ... More » Technology Digital Storage

You can recover data from a failed hard drive whose components are still functioning by using a USB universal drive adapter to hook it up to another computer as a secondary device. If that computer is unable to access th... More » Technology Digital Storage

To wipe and reformat a hard drive or partition that doesn’t house system files, access the disk management utility, select the drive, and choose the Format option. To accomplish the same for drives and partitions that ho... More » Technology Digital Storage