The traditions of modern Halloween -- costumes, ghosts, trick-or-treat -- come from a number of ancient civilizations. According to the History website, most experts believe that this spooky holiday stems from the Celtic... More »

A Halloween trivia question might be, "What ancient holiday did Halloween evolve from?" and the answer would be "The Celtic holiday Samhain." Another trivia question about Halloween might be, "What was the original Hallo... More » Holidays & Celebrations Holidays Halloween

Halloween is not recognized as a federal or national holiday in the United States. However, the federal government does acknowledge it as a recognized American holiday. More »

Most experts believe that the tradition of wearing costumes on Halloween originated in ancient days with the Celtic festival of Samhain, where participants lit fires and wore costumes to scare away ghosts. More »

Candy is traditionally given out on Halloween to children who dress up in costumes and go door-to-door asking for candy in a custom known as trick-or-treating. It is increasingly common for children to trick-or-treat in ... More »

Examples of words related to Halloween include bats, cauldron, eerie, ghosts and Jack-o-lantern. Other examples are goblin, haunted house, skeleton, spooky and vampire. These words are appropriate for use in Halloween wo... More »

Many good Halloween snacks are simple, everyday snacks that are shaped to look like common Halloween themes like ghosts, pumpkins, spiders and cats. For example, sugar cookies shaped like cats and decorated with black ic... More » Holidays & Celebrations Holidays Halloween