Topps Company began selling Bazooka bubble gum in its distinctive red-white-and-blue packaging at the end of World War II. It wasn't until 1953 that the company began wrapping a small comic strip around the gum. More » History Inventions

Stride gum is a gum product produced by Mondelez International, formerly known as Kraft Foods. Stride was first introduced in 2005 by the Cadbury-Adams candy company and was advertised with the slogan "ridiculously long ... More » Food Grocery Candy

Gum disease refers to inflammation of the soft tissues that surround the teeth as a result of the accumulation of plaque on the gum line. The plague forms from a mix of saliva, food particles and bacteria. The other name... More » Health Dental
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Alcoa invented the first easy-open aluminum end for beverage cans for the Pittsburgh Brewing Company in 1962, although the use of aluminum in packaging dates to 1957. Pepsi and Coca-Cola both started using aluminum cans ... More » History Inventions

Styrofoam is a word used in North America to describe expanded polystyrene foam that manufacturers use to make disposable cups, packaging material and insulating containers. It is also a brand name of an extruded materia... More » History Inventions

Permacel, part of the Johnson & Johnson company, invented duct tape for use during World War II. This duct tape was useful for fixing exterior truck damage, sealing containers and making other repairs during the war. Aft... More » History Inventions

Duct tape was invented as part of the United States' efforts to develop useful tactical tools during World War II. The rifle grenade boxes were designed to include a waterproof seal with a tape tab that often failed. Thi... More » History Inventions