The original color of Coca-Cola was brown. Many rumors are associated with the popular drink, including that the original color was green. The original bottle was green but the beverage itself has always been the same co... More » Food Beverages Soft Drinks

Available price guides for Coca-Cola collectibles are Petretti's Coca-Cola Collectibles Price Guide: The Encyclopedia of Coca-Cola Collectibles, Warman's Coca Cola Collectibles: Identification And Price Guide and B.J. Su... More » Hobbies & Games Collecting

The Coca-Cola organizational chart explains the corporate chain of command. The chain of command is crucial to maintaining order in the decision-making process. In an effective chain, responsibility flows downward, while... More » Business & Finance Corporations
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The present formula for Coca-Cola includes carbonated water, sugar, color, phosphoric acid and natural flavors that include caffeine. The exact formula is proprietary, but the original recipe has been publicly published. More » Food Beverages Soft Drinks

According to the Coca-Cola company itself, the original formula of the soft drink Coca-Cola was never green. The company goes on to suggest that perhaps people formulated this idea because the original glass bottles used... More » Food Beverages Soft Drinks

Dr. John Pemberton first created the syrup for Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Ga. on May 8, 1886. The syrup was mixed with carbonated water and sold at the Jacobs' Pharmacy as a fountain drink, where glasses of the new drink cost... More » Food Beverages Soft Drinks

The Coca-Cola Company offers a simple recipe for Coca-Cola ham, made with a half ham weighing between 5 and 6 pounds, brown sugar, Coca-Cola and crushed pineapple. After washing the ham, rub the fat side with brown sugar... More » Food Beverages Soft Drinks