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The history of hair relaxers began more than 100 years ago, changing the way African-American women take care of their hair. These products help straighten naturally kinky or curly hair, making it manageable. Hair relaxers have changed from their original incarnations, reducing the amount of lye, so they don’t damage or burn hair as easily.


The scalp can suffer severe chemical burns if over exposed to lye or no-lye relaxers. A lye relaxer consists of sodium hydroxide (also known as NaOH or lye) mixed with water, petroleum jelly, mineral oil, and emulsifiers to create a creamy consistency. On application, the caustic "lye cream" permeates the protein structure of the hair and ...


Hair plays an important role in one's personality and builds confidence. Now-a-days, chemical hair relaxers are used very commonly in the society. We document the adverse effects reported by the sample that have used any one of the professional chemical hair relaxers. The sample was restricted to ...


History Of Relaxers. Back in 1998 Dr. Ali Syed helped write a paper regarding content on the history of relaxers and how relaxers work. I decided to post his writings for those who are interested in learning more about his writings on the relaxer system.


The idea for hair relaxers came from working on sewing machines in his workshop. He found that chemicals used to repair sewing machines relaxed the curls of kinky hair. His first live test subject was an Airedale dog, a breed that has naturally curly hair. The dog's hair


Upon closer inspection of the item for sale under the “Celebrating Black History Month” sign with a pretty Black girl with long, straight hair is—chemical hair relaxer. Hair relaxer? Yes, hair relaxer. Is this what is equated with Black History Month and all of the empowering connotations that are supposed to be packaged with the term?


Cold Waves Relaxers These hairstyles were called permanent waves or simply permanents. Permanents brought the latest technology into the world of women's fashion and beauty, and, because the machines were located in shops, rather than than the home. in his workshop. He found that


The relaxers are strong enough to break the disulfide bonds in hair fibres and consequently alter the structure of the curl pattern. This because of their typically high pH.In chemistry, pH is a numeric scale used to state how acidic or basic a substance is.


No single person is credit with the invention of hair relaxing, it just evolved over a period of time. Chemical hair relaxing started with the old fashion “lye soap” that was used primarily to wash clothes was made from lard with crystallized lye added then blended by heating and stirring, then cut into cakes when cool.


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