The University of Iowa Hawkeye men's basketball program includes at least 24 NCAA Tournament appearances, eight Big Ten regular season championships, two conference tournament championships, three Final Fours and one nat... More »

The University of Pennsylvania basketball program is one of the first two competitive collegiate basketball programs in history. The program was founded in 1897, when the Penn Quakers were defeated by Yale, 32-10, in the... More »

Time lines showing the history of basketball can be found on, and Timetoast, as of 2015. The time lines show important events in the history of basketball, starting wit... More »

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The University of Maryland men's basketball team has 31 games scheduled for the 2015-16 season. The season begins Friday, November 13 with a home game against Mount St. Mary's University. More »

Syracuse University fielded its first men's basketball team with the 1900-01 season. The team played just four contests during its inaugural year of play - without an official coach - finishing with a record of 2-2. More »

As of February 2015, the head coach of the University of Iowa Hawkeyes men's basketball team is Fran McCaffery. McCaffery has been the head coach since 2010 and is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he earned ... More »

John Wooden is most famous for winning 10 national championships as the head coach of the University of California, Los Angeles, men's basketball team. Wooden was also a famous college basketball player in his youth. More »