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The History of Bamboo Plants By Maureen Katemopoulos; Updated September 21, 2017 The existence of the bamboo plant in China’s Zhejiang Province dates back more than 7,000 years, according to records of that period.


A mutant bamboo plant flowering at a noninteger multiple of its population's flowering interval would release its seeds alone, and would not enjoy the benefits of collective flowering (such as protection from predators).


The history of lucky bamboo can be traced back to Chinese culture for over 4000 years. Lucky Bamboo is not really a bamboo plant. It is a member of the lily family that grows in the dark, tropical rainforests of South-east Asia and Africa.


Home Bamboo Agriculture Origin of Bamboo Origin of Bamboo. The plant known as bamboo to the entire world has been around and used for centuries. Records dating back more than seven thousand years talk about products made of bamboo such as arrows, paper, building materials, and books.


An extraordinary example of bamboo's resilience is the fact that it was the only plant to survive the radiation of the atomic bombings in Hiroshima, Japan in 1945. The incinerating heat destroyed all trees and other plant life, except for one bamboo grove.


A history that continues to evolve. One of the main reasons bamboo has been proven so useful over history is the incredible rate at which it grows. As the fastest growing plant on earth, bamboo can grow as much as one meter in a single hour. Studies have shown some species grow 121 cm in a 24-hour period.

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A little history of Bamboo Garden... Our bamboo vision: We started growing bamboo in 1980 and joined The American Bamboo Society (ABS) that same year. We helped establish the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the society and have served on the board of directors of both.


Most Lucky Bamboo plants already come in a pot, but you can use your own pot to make the plant more your own. A clear container works well for water and will show off your plant and pebbles, but make sure that you keep it out of direct sunlight.


But bamboo's history as a multipurpose and versatile material goes back centuries. No other plant has as many uses and impacted so many cultures. In fact, the uses for bamboo are only limited by one's imagination.


Bamboo: Bamboo, (subfamily Bambusoideae), subfamily of tall treelike grasses of the family Poaceae, comprising more than 115 genera and 1,400 species. Bamboos are distributed in tropical and subtropical to mild temperate regions, with the heaviest concentration and largest number of species in East and