The word "challah" is found in the Bible, and it refers to the showbreads that were displayed in the temple sanctuary and eventually eaten by priests. Around the 15th Century, Ashkenazic Jews in eastern Europe developed ... More »

Babka bread may have originated with Eastern European Jews, or it may be a distant relative of Italian pannetone. The exact origins of babka bread are unknown. More »

The names of the 12 tribes of Israel in the Bible begin with Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, Reuben and Simeon. Other tribes of Israel were Gad, Benjamin, Dan, Asher and Naphtali, plus the half-tribes of Ep;hraim and Manassah.... More »

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One recipe for anointing oil combines ingredients referenced in Exodus of the Bible and includes quantities of olive oil, sugar, salt, allspice seeds, cloves and cinnamon sticks. An optional mixture combines frankincense... More »

Little is known about the prophet Malachi from the Bible, including whether his name was his real name or an assumed name meaning "messenger of YWHW." He wrote the Book of Malachi from the Bible and part of the Jewish Ta... More »

Vegan challah and vegan flatbread are two suitable bread recipes for vegans. Vegan challah is made with turmeric, coconut oil and bananas to substitute the butter and eggs in traditional challah recipes, and vegan flatbr... More »

The name of Jewish bread is challah. It is made with eggs and eaten on holidays and the Sabbath. Challah has various traditions associated with it, and the three Sabbath meals and two holiday meals both begin with two lo... More »