As of 2015, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt sells the world history schoolbooks it publishes, and world history schoolbooks from several publishers are available from and Barnes & Noble. Each seller offers world his... More » Education,, and are some online bookstores that sell world history books. specializes in textbooks, while is a source of used books. More » Business & Finance Business Resources Customer Service

The Glencoe American History online book is a digital resource for teachers and students to access Glencoe/McGraw-Hill history textbooks online. Teachers register with Glencoe to access the materials and give students th... More » Education, Barnes and Noble, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and The New York Times feature lists of the latest bestsellers. Companies use intricate algorithms based on sales numbers to determine the list of bestsell... More » Education

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"Land of Promise" and "An Empire of Wealth" are highly rated books about the history of the American economy as of 2015, according to online reviews from and Barnes & Noble. "Land of Promise" scores most highl... More » World View Social Sciences Economics