Websites such as and offer free downloads of the HIPAA Authorization or Release of Information Authorization form. also provides a template to help users draft and download forms... More » Government & Politics US Government

The purpose of a HIPPA authorization form is to allow another organization or individual to have access to a patient's medical records, health information and medical history, Massachusetts Legal Services notes. The pati... More » Government & Politics Law

Use a sample HIPAA authorization form to gain an understanding of what the form is used for and how to complete it, notes RocketLawyer. Control the medical history information that is available to a doctor by filling out... More » Business & Finance Insurance Health Insurance
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To ensure that federal forms found online are accurate and reliable, always use a government regulated website. The majority of federal forms can be found at More » Government & Politics US Government

The Universal Life Church, Open Ministry and American Marriage Ministries are three of many organizations providing free, online ordination. Once ordained, you can officiate at weddings and no experience is required, as ... More » Government & Politics US Government

A free, online copy of a 501(c)(3) application form is available through The form number is 1023 and it's found in the Charities and Non-Profit section of the website. There are a number of resources and help do... More » Government & Politics US Government

Free medical authorization forms are available on and offers various medical authorization forms, including child medical consent forms, authorization to release medical ... More »