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Exactly how many Hindu festivals are celebrated is not known, but one scholar of Hinduism has listed more than a thousand different Hindu festivals. {1} As in most ancient religions, many of the Hindu holidays are based on the cycle of nature. They mark the change of seasons, celebrate the harvest, and encourage fertility of the land.


Major Hindu holidays also vary from region to region, as the faith is practiced slightly differently in certain areas. The two most notable ones are probably Holi and Diwali, celebrated by most Hindus all over the world. Holi takes place in March, celebrating spring and color.


Hindu Holidays and Observances. Diwali — Festival of Lights is a major holiday that is also celebrated by Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs. It extends over 5 days and celebrates the victory of good over evil. Some Jains may choose to fast for the two days of Divali.


There are a great number of Hindu religious festivals held throughout the world. The festivals typically celebrate events from Hindu mythology, often coinciding with seasonal changes.There are many festivals which are primarily celebrated by specific sects or in certain regions of the Indian subcontinent.. The festive season in a is the most widely celebrated and rejoiced by the people.


Hindu Holidays Holidays and celebrations are a large part of Hinduism, in fact, some Hindu historians claim their are over a thousand different celebrations and festivals that could be celebrated each year. Being that it is unfeasible to dedicate your life to so many celebrations, most Hindus follow these major celebrations.


2019 Public Holidays Hindu Service. The above is the list of 2019 public holidays declared in Hindu which includes federal, regional government holidays and popular observances. We also provide Hindu holiday calendar for 2019 in Word, Excel, PDF and printable online formats.


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Hindu holidays are also confined to particular regions by the importance a certain god enjoys. Worship of Kartikeya (as during the festival of Skanda Shashti) is predominant in Tamil Nadu, where the god is considered a patron of the region. Onam is a good example of a festival that is celebrated solely by Keralites.


Hindu Holidays. Hinduism is a religion that originated in the subcontinent of India. It has no known founder and is a mix of diverse beliefs and traditions. Hinduism is considered the world's oldest religion and has approximately a billion followers. Approximately 890 million Hindus live in India, placing it as the world's third largest ...