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Dec 24, 2020 ... The U.S. has been the largest for over a century, but China may soon ... GDP per capita measures how much a country's economy produces per ...


Of all G20 countries, the United States has the highest gross domestic product (GDP) per capita. After adjusting for purchasing power the United States GDP ...


Chile GDP, Last, Previous, Highest, Lowest, Unit. GDP Growth Rate, 1.00, 3.40, 6.50, -12.70, percent, [+] · GDP Annual Growth Rate, 18.10, 0.50, 18.10 ...


The Gross Domestic Product per capita in Liechtenstein was last recorded at 141200.40 US ... Liechtenstein GDP, Last, Previous, Highest, Lowest, Unit ...


Jul 26, 2021 ... This map shows the GDP per capita in every country globally. ... Here's a look at the 10 countries with the highest GDP per capita in 2021:.


Canada has the tenth-largest economy in the world with a nominal GDP of $1.73 trillion. Canada's per capita GDP of $46,260.71 is ranked 20th globally while its ...


Jul 14, 2021 ... In 2020, Dutch gross domestic product (GDP) per capita amounted to nearly 46 ... Luxembourg has had the highest GDP per capita since 1995.


Graph and download economic data for Real gross domestic product per capita (A939RX0Q048SBEA) from Q1 1947 to Q2 2021 about per capita, real, GDP, and USA.


The average for 2020 based on 173 countries was 13376.32 U.S. dollars.The highest value was in Luxembourg: 115873.6 U.S. dollars and the lowest value was in ...


Level of GDP per capita and productivity. Customise. Selection… Country [50 / 55]; Subject [13 / 13] ... European Union – 27 countries (from 01/02/2020) .


Jun 3, 2021 ... Projected GDP per capita Ranking ... As of 2021, Luxembourg would remain at the top spot in gdp per capita ranking in nominal and PPP terms.