According to, an online crime statistics resource, East Saint Louis, IL is the most dangerous city in the United States thanks to its high rates of violent crimes and property theft. However, the FB... More » Government & Politics Crime

As of 2014, the cities selected as the 10 best to live in are in Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, Michigan, California, Illinois, Washington and Massachusetts, reports MarketWatch. Each state is represented by one city, e... More » Business & Finance Real Estate Finding a Home

Some common felony charges in the United States are violent crimes, drug-abuse violations and property crimes. Burglary, assault, robbery, and forgery and counterfeiting are also some of the common felony crimes in the c... More » Government & Politics Crime
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Grand theft auto felony charge is a serious crime that involves the theft of a vehicle. This crime if considered a felony in most states and a person may get a prison sentence as a punishment. In most states, a grand the... More » Government & Politics Crime

Aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon is a crime that begins with theft or robbery. The crime escalates to aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon when the perpetrator uses a weapon capable of causing significant bodil... More » Government & Politics Crime

The Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement Act passed in 2004 made identity theft an aggravated crime and put in place a mandatory two year prison sentence for the transgression, reports Identity Theft Awareness. This senten... More » Government & Politics Crime

The most common crimes in the United States are larceny/theft, burglary, motor vehicle theft, aggravated assault and robbery. Larceny/theft is the wrongful taking of goods from another and constitutes nearly 60 percent o... More » Government & Politics Crime