The Oklahoma Secondary School Activity Association provides entry forms, state tournament results and calendars for fall, winter and spring high school sports. MaxPreps provides scores of recent and upcoming games, stat ... More » Education K-12

The MaxPreps website and the USA Today online high school sports review are two places that regularly updated high school sports scores and leaderboards can be found. These sites let sports fans track the performance of ... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Classic Sports

High school sports rankings can be found online at the MaxPreps. At the top of the home page, some of the most popular sports are listed, along with a drop-down menu to differentiate between boy's and girl's versions of ... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Classic Sports
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High school wrestling tournament results are usually available on the websites of state high school athletic associations and, occasionally, in local newspapers under high school sports and wrestling. For example, the Mi... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Classic Sports Wrestling

The Alabama High School Athletic Association is a private organization that manages, regulates and promotes high school athletic programs in Alabama. Member schools include parochial, public and private schools, and the ... More » Education K-12

Search and view junior high school yearbooks online on websites like Ancestory and E-Yearbook or in archival local resources like a state or genealogy library. Previous yearbooks from various schools and years may be ava... More » Education K-12

Earning a high school diploma requires the completion of a state accredited course of study. This completion relies on earning a certain number of credits in various subjects and may require an exit exam. Various paths t... More » Education K-12