Writing a high school graduation speech involves picking a theme, including examples and quotes, sharing memories and editing for length. Practice helps prepare to deliver the speech confidently and smoothly. More »

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Cleveland Metro News reports that most people feel that it is appropriate to give between $50 and $100 to a high school or college graduate as a gift. Of the 1,200 people surveyed, only 6 percent stated that it was not i... More »

While high school graduation requirements vary by state and sometimes by school district, general graduation requirements include completion of four English, three math, three science, three social studies and enough ele... More »

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Employment for high school students, changes to the school rules, changes to age requirements and pop culture are several good topic choices for a high school speech. Financial topics, such as the importance of opening a... More »

Some topics for high school declamation pieces include speeches by famous U.S. political figures such as "I Have a Dream" by Martin Luther King, Jr. and Abraham Lincoln's "The Gettysburg Address." Additional topics inclu... More »

Examples of a good valedictorian speech share fond memories of the students' school years and gratitude for the teachers and institution. A valedictorian speech should stay brief, about 10 minutes or less. More »

When making a retirement speech, share some memories about things that happened on the job, bring up some achievements and discuss plans for the future. The speech should be short and relatable to everybody in the audien... More »

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