Some states and districts have free high school diploma programs online for children who are residents. For adults, adult education organizations work with schools and libraries to provide diploma programs to those who d... More » Education K-12

It is possible to earn a high school diploma online by enrolling in an online diploma program and completing the required courses, as stated by Choose an online high school program that is regionally accredite... More » Education K-12

To find the right free diploma program for your needs, check out community colleges in your area, as well as local resources such as libraries and high schools. There are also some free diploma programs online, such as t... More » Education K-12
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A high school equivalency diploma is a certificate of completion of high school requirements that allows students to obtain employment or continue their education. To obtain a high school equivalency diploma, students mu... More » Education K-12

Some ways an adult can earn a high school diploma includes enrolling in a diploma completion program at a community college, pursuing a high school diploma online or taking a state high school diploma equivalency test. A... More » Education K-12

To obtain copies of a high school diploma, former students must contact the high school they attended and submit a request in writing, according to the Central Kitsap School District. Each high school maintains an archiv... More » Education K-12

A high school degree is called a diploma. Students typically receive a high school diploma after completing 4 years of secondary education coursework in grades nine through 12. More » Education K-12