A high-dividend ETF is an exchange-traded fund that seeks to produce a high dividend yield for investors by investing in stocks that consistently pay high dividends. A high-dividend ETF usually contains stocks that have ... More »

As of March 2015, the highest-yielding exchange-traded fund is the UBS Etracs 2x Leveraged Long Alerian MLP Infrastructure Index at 13.18 percent, according to The ETF with the second-highest yield is the U... More » Business & Finance Investing

Some high-yield dividend funds include ProShares S&P 500 Aristocrats ETF, Vanguard high-dividend yield index fund and SPDR Barclays capital international treasury bond ETF, advises U.S. News and World Report. These stock... More » Business & Finance Corporations
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High-dividend stocks are ones that pay the highest dividends to investors. A dividend is a return on the investment of a stock; when companies make a profit, that profit is returned to shareholders in the form of dividen... More » Business & Finance Investing

Lists of high-dividend stocks are available at websites, such as TheStreet, Nasdaq and All these websites offer lists of high-dividend stocks sorted by yield. More » Business & Finance Investing

A dividend growth fund is a fund whose focus is on growth rather than dividend yield. These types of funds can trump typical funds that prioritize yield because they tend to have better margins and more stability during ... More » Business & Finance Investing

While yield is important, investors can outperform a market just by investing in a company with a history of high and consistent dividend growth, notes CNN Money. Investors must look at the dividend history to judge for ... More » Business & Finance Investing