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Inguinal hernias, in the inner groin area, occur when the intestine protrudes through either of two passages in the lower abdominal wall called inguinal canals.


An umbilical hernia is a protrusion of the abdominal lining, abdominal fat, or a portion of abdominal organ(s) through the area around the umbilicus.


Jul 1, 2021 ... By definition, a hernia is an abnormal protrusion from one anatomic space to another, with the protruded parts generally contained in a saclike ...


Hernia. About this Condition. The Facts; Causes; Symptoms and Complications ...


Seeking additional consultation from a hernia surgeon can help provide you with more information. Many times, hernias do not require an operation, ...


Jul 21, 2021 ... Hiatus hernia causes heartburn and can be treated through a combination of dietary and ... Click here to download a PDF of this information.


Hernia Facts. What is a hernia? A hernia is a bulge of an organ or tissue through an abnormal opening in your abdominal wall. What is Hernia?


The signs and symptoms of hernias can range from a painless lump to a swollen and tender protrusion accompanied by severe abdominal or pelvic pain. Some common ...


Provides information on hernias. Focuses on inguinal hernias. Briefly describes femoral and abdominal wall hernias. Covers symptoms and treatment with ...


Information from Bupa about the treatments, symptoms and causes of abdominal hernias. Treatments include an abdominal hernia repair operation.


Types of Hernia. Abdominal wall hernias: Occur through the muscles of the abdominal wall, back or perineum and are almost always repaired with implantation of ...