Hermit crabs use their shells to hide from predators like seagulls, larger crabs, sea stars and snailfish. These animals are at their most vulnerable when they leave one shell for another, which they must do as they grow... More » Pets & Animals Marine Life Crabs

To care for hermit crabs, buy a tank and add sand, provide two water dishes, add objects for climbing and hiding, keep the climate safe, feed the crab, maintain the tank and provide shells. Caring for a hermit crab is ea... More » Pets & Animals Pets Aquatic Pets

To care for a hermit crab, buy a tank and substrate, provide two dishes of water, add climbing and hiding structures, keep track of the climate, feed the crab and clean the tank. Hermit crabs are easy to care for, but th... More » Pets & Animals Marine Life Crabs
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Hermit crabs may abandon their shells for a variety of reasons. Uncomfortable shells, low or high temperatures and humidity levels, stress and molting are the most common explanations. More » Pets & Animals Marine Life Crabs

Hermit crabs have soft, vulnerable abdomens and need to wear shells to protect themselves. A hermit crab without a shell eventually falls victim to predators or even other hermit crabs. More » Pets & Animals Marine Life Crabs

Hermit crabs produce solid waste. They defecate into their shells. At intervals, they clean the waste out of their shells, depositing it on the ground. Individuals who keep hermit crabs as pets have to routinely remove t... More » Pets & Animals Marine Life Crabs

Starfish, despite their crusty exteriors, are vulnerable to predators like crabs, sea otters, sharks and other starfish. A starfish injured by any of these predators can regenerate damaged or missing limbs, although gull... More » Pets & Animals Marine Life Starfish