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One of the main reasons the United States sponsored a mission to the moon was because of the space race with Russia. Russia was the first country to put an artificial satellite in space, which caused a lot of embarrassment for the U.S.


Humans communicate by thinking of the information they wish to share, encoding it, and transferring it by either verbal, nonverbal or written mediums directly to a receiver who then decodes the information. Communication methods include eye contact, sign language, pictu...


Nations go to war for a variety of reasons ranging from political, economical and more. Powerful countries can declare war over precious resources, such as oil. Motivation for war differs throughout history, but the range of impact war can have on a nation is just as va...


An interviewer asks why an interviewee wants to work at the organization so that he can determine if the interviewee has the company's interest in mind. He uses this question to disqualify any interviewee who has not done research on the company and is simply applying b...


Plants are necessary because they are a primary food source and provide the oxygen that is vital to animals' and humans' existence. A majority of the calories that people consume comes from plants, and most meat comes from animals that eat plants. Plants are at the bott...


"What on Earth Am I Here For?" is the subtitle of the book "The Purpose Driven Life" written by Rick Warren and published by Zondervan. It has sold over 32 million copies, as of 2014, and comes after the Bible as the most translated book in the world.


The question of human existence remains universally unanswered, though many theories have been contemplated. The answer for virtually everyone is inextricably related to individual levels of faith and religious affiliation.