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The Baskerville and the Hotel du Vin are hotels located in Henley on Thames, England. Many of the hotels in Henley on Thames are not hotels in the contemporary style, but pubs and restaurants with guest rooms. This traditional style of accommodation in Henry on Thames d...


A three-day sale is a marketing technique used in various retail industries to attract customers and boost sales volumes over the duration of the promotion. These sales are frequently designed to liquidate overstocked products and often feature items purchased by the co...


Field sales are selling activities that take place outside the office environment. It is also called outside sales. The presence of remote connectivity and mobile device implementation allows personnel to work farther front he office than ever before, making field sales...


Estate sales liquidate the assets of a person. The person in question is usually deceased, but this is not always the case. It is common to hold estate sales using an auction format, but some sales are held using fixed prices in the manner of a garage sale.


Sales tax is a tax imposed on retail goods and services at the point of sale, explains Investopedia. Sales tax rates are different in every state. As of 2014, the states of Alaska, Montana, New Hampshire, Delaware and Oregon do not impose a sales tax, according to Daily...


A bill of sale is a contract often used when property such as a car is sold. It records that the item was sold on a certain date by a certain person at a particular location, and it lists the amount of money used in the purchase.


The sales day book, also known as the sales book, is a ledger covering, in detail, all credit sales transactions during the day. These sales are then added together and recorded in the sales ledger for that day.