The removal of a hemp seed's hard outer shell yields a creamy yet crunchy center that is known as a hemp heart. Hemp hearts are thus also called shelled hemp seeds. They are rich in protein and also serve as a source of ... More » Food Food Facts Beans & Nuts

Hemp hearts, also known as hemp seeds, are a nutritionally dense food, high in fiber, protein, potassium, vitamin A and iron, states WebMD. Hemp seeds are also high in fatty acids, which fight inflammation and protect th... More » Food Food Facts

As opposed to hemp seeds, hemp hearts have their tough outer shells removed. As hemp shells are quite crunchy, stripping the hemp seed of its hull creates a more palatable product; however, removing the nutrient and fibe... More »

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A cashew shell is the same shape as the whole seed, commonly called the nut, inside. The shell has a smooth surface. The shells of ready-to-pick cashew seeds are beige in color. The shells of unripe cashew seeds are gree... More » Food Food Facts Beans & Nuts

Shelled hemp seeds contain all nine essential amino acids, making them a suitable protein source for vegetarians. Hemp seeds are also a good source of zinc and magnesium and contain only trace amounts of cholesterol and ... More » Food Food Facts Beans & Nuts

Hemp seeds provide a number of health benefits and are considered one of the most nutritionally complete foods in the world. Hemp seeds are one of the only plants to contain all 20 amino acids, including the nine essenti... More » Food Food Facts Beans & Nuts

Tree nuts are fruits that grow on trees and have a tough shell that protects a dried fruit. Examples of tree nuts include filberts, acorns, hazelnuts and chestnuts. Other types of nuts are drupes, which have a fleshy or ... More » Food Food Facts Beans & Nuts