File Transfer Protocol, full-time position, failure to pay, foreign trade policy, and first to post are common meanings for the acronym FTP. Other meanings may include "For the People," feel the pain, fast track program,... More » Education

The acronym has SXS has different meanings that are specific to particular industries and depend on the context in which the term is used. In the telecommunications industry, SXS stands for the side-by-side or Strowger s... More » Education

The meanings for the acronym in the wizard Shazam’s name vary between Captain Marvel characters. The main meaning refers to Captain Marvel's Elders, which include Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury. In ... More » Education

IBAN is an acronym that means "international bank account number" and is a numbering system that is used to identify global bank accounts. The system was originally created by European banks to simplify transactions betw... More » Education

URL is the acronym for Uniform Resource Locator, and it is the Internet address for a website or a file. A URL includes a prefix, a server name or IP address of the server and sometimes the path to a specific directory o... More » Education

FIFA is an acronym for the Federation Internationale de Football Association. It is the international governing body of soccer, formed in 1904 and based in Zurich, Switzerland. More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Classic Sports Soccer/Football

The word "municipal" means having to do with a city or its government. It is an adjective that describes anything related to the governing body of a city, town or community. More » Education