Helium is a noble gas and has the chemical symbol He. Helium is commonly known for its property of being lighter than air. More »

To refill a helium gas tank, find a local gas company and pay a fee to recharge the tank. Find an industrial or commercial gas distributor through the yellow pages. Alternately, contact a party-supply retailer. More »

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Most of the helium gas used to fill balloons is a mixture because commercial helium is seldom pure. Usually, it contains impurities in the form of nitrogen and oxygen gas. However, the helium present in this mixture is a... More »

Helium is a colorless and odorless gas in its natural state. It gives off a blue neon color when burned. When an electric current runs through it, helium is a pale peach to orange color. More »

Helium belongs to the noble gas family. These are Group 18 on the periodic table, or the outermost column on the right side. Another name for the noble gases is the inert gases, because they normally do not react with ot... More »

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Helium is a gas that is colorless, odorless and does not react with other elements under normal circumstances. Scientists classify helium as a noble gas. More »

Helium is a noble gas with two electrons. This element is classified as a noble gas because it tends not to form compounds with other substances. More »