Helen Keller, famous for overcoming blindness and deafness to become one of the founders of the ACLU, was not born with these disabilities. Historians believe she suffered from either scarlet fever or meningitis in 1882,... More » History

Around the age of 2, Helen Keller became deaf and blind. Keller learned to communicate, read and write when she was 7, thanks to Anne Sullivan. She learned English literature, mathematics, history, Greek, Latin, French a... More » Hobbies & Games Group Games

The actual cause for Helen Keller's condition is unknown, but some speculate that it was an illness such as rubella or scarlet fever. Many of her symptoms were referred to as a "congestion" of the brain and stomach. Even... More » History Modern History Renaissance & Reformation
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Helen Keller is famous for overcoming the misfortune of being both deaf and blind to become a leading humanitarian of the 20th century. She is also one of the co-founders of the American Civil Liberties Union, a nonparti... More » History Modern History US History

Helen Keller is famous for the many achievements she accomplished, despite being blind and deaf from a very young age. These achievements include graduating college, founding the ACLU and becoming one of the 20th century... More » History Modern History US History

Helen Keller's published books include "The Story of My Life," "Optimism," "The World I Live In," "The Song of the Stone Wall," "Out of the Dark," "My Religion," "Midstream," "My Later Life," "Peace at Eventide," "Helen ... More » Art & Literature Literature Non-fiction

Photographs of Helen Keller show her in dresses. A Celebration of Women Writers includes parts I and II of "The Story of My Life," where an entry by her teacher, Ann Sullivan, written on June 19, 1887, says, "… she is ve... More » Art & Literature Literature Non-fiction