"Paperdoll Heaven" is a series of online games offered by Stardoll. Visitors to can play dress-up games with characters such as animals, girls and boys, as well as decorating and other games. More »

Although many religions teach of an afterlife called Heaven, there is no direct evidence to prove a heaven actually exists. The idea of giving a location to the afterlife is a popular religious tradition. More »

The Mandate of Heaven is a Chinese political-religious philosophy that designated the nation's emperor as the "Son of Heaven" who ruled under the auspices of an order, or mandate, from "Heaven" or some higher power. This... More »

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Stardoll dress-up games are online games where players can drag and drop clothing and accessories to dress up celebrity dolls. Users can work with previously created dolls or make their own accounts and design dolls and ... More »

The "Left Behind" series of films revolves around the sudden rapture of millions of individuals from Earth into heaven, resulting in worldwide anarchy and a seven-year event of war and suffering. The story follows a jour... More »

2x4Basics manufactures a series of DIY kits containing most of the materials and hardware that a consumer requires to build her own outdoor furniture, outdoor structures, and garage and storage solutions. The company als... More »

As of 2015, Amazon Prime subscriptions include free access to the Kindle Owner's Lending Library, a collection of more than 800,000 e-books that include past and present bestsellers and the entire "Harry Potter" series. ... More »